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ODGL – The Rules

The Ground Rules – there are few. This league runs itself on the fair-minded values of all. The Oldham and District Golf League is for fun and good company. Winning does matter - but not at any price!

Home Team (or winning team in Cup Matches) please remember to text or e-mail match results ASAP to Dave Whaley Tel: 07764 638309 davewhaley1@gmail.com

Handicap levels for each Division(2022) are: Division A. 0-9.5 active handicaps: Division B. 9-18 active handicaps. Players who had an official active handicap within the Divisional parameters at the start of the season (May 1st) may complete the season if their handicap drops, using their revised (lower) handicap.

The first two matches of the season may be determined over the first 12 holes unless captains agree to play, say, only summer greens. Shots are taken at 6/10 the difference from the lowest handicap. Strokes are taken at the lowest stroke indices of the 12 holes being played. Please note 12 hole matches not needed recently except for Preliminary cup matches

Stewards are guaranteed payment for sixteen meals in league matches and twenty meals for KO Cup matches. ONLY individual stewards may vary this rule.

It is good practice to charge your team members a fixed fee for playing for the team e.g. £6.00 per match, whether they have a meal or not!

Players under the age of eighteen are allowed to play in matches if single figure handicap holder (2020).

Club professionals may play in A team matches (playing off Alliance Handicaps)

If matches are postponed, please do not wait until the end of the season to replay the match. Re-schedule at the time of cancellation to play as soon as possible. Cancelled matches need to be re-arranged before the last week of the season (exception only for final week cancelations)(2019). Abandoned Cup matches are to be continued from where play stood at the time of abandonment. Abandoned league matches return to replay (from the start) except for those games which were already completed. Completed games stand. Players who won or lost in the completed matches cannot return to the revisited fixture.

Matches normally commence at 5pm but occasionally teams can commence earlier if both teams are available to do so. The final match should commence no later than 5.30pm or ten minutes after the previous match whichever is the later. This rule is intended to avoid undue waiting for a delayed player.

The Home team captain selects the first pair to play and the away team captain then determines who shall play against them and so on. In KO cup matches, the Captains toss for who sends the first pair to the tee and then they choose alternately.

GPS and range finder equipment is allowed in ODGL matches. (2011)